Since I've been with Active, I've been able to decrease operational expenses by reducing my staff. The increased working capital has allowed us to increase investment in our business.

Gordon Van Camp,Sourcing Manager - Americas,
Chamberlain Group Inc., Customer for 8 years.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Active Inventory Management is leading the way.

When it comes to management solutions for fastener and C-class inventory, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Often, only a complete end-to-end solution can help manufacturers achieve long-term sustainable success.

Active Inventory Management is our comprehensive approach that accounts for every aspect of your manufacturing environment and business requirements. The result:

  • Reduced inventory
  • More floor space
  • Less overhead
  • Increased working capital
Our inventory management solutions cut redundant, low-value procurement activities. By eliminating waste, increasing productivity and supplying high quality products directly to their point-of-use, our customers can refocus their internal resources where it counts most: on their finished products.

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