Machine Screws

A Wide Variety of Machine Screws.

Active offers a wide variety of machine screws. Please contact us. Our experts will consult with you to ensure you are receiving the best machine screws at the best price.

What makes a screw a machine screw?

Machine screws differ from bolts as they have a shaft with a helical groove or thread formed on its surface. Machine screws are described as numbers with the first number designating the diameter and the second number, the number of threads per inch. For example: 0-80, 2-56, 3-48, 4-40, 5-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, and on up to size 16. In addition, machines screws are referred to coarse or fine threads. Fine thread machine screws are generally used when greater strength is desired.

Most Active Screw Machine Screws thread sizes are available in UNC or UNF.

For more information on Machine Screws and/or to receive a qoute, please contact the Active Sales Team.

For a complete list of classes and types of items sold you can download the Fastener Reference Guide PDF click here.

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